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General Lawn Care

Spring Season: In the season of Spring, as the grass starts to grow in your garden you will need to prepare your lawn mower prior to starting to mow the lawn. It is very important in early Spring that you set the mowing height of the lawn mowers blade quite high, taking no more that one quarter of the length of the grass off at a time, otherwise the lawn will become stressed. A little and often approach is better when lawn mowing in spring. As the grass grows faster as we move further into spring you can increase the mowing frequency and gradually reduce the height of cut of the mower to give the desired finish.

Summer Season: As the temperatures rise and we move into summer the growth of your lawn may actually start to slow down, mow as and when necessary never taking more than one third of the length of the grass off in any one cut. As always a sharp lawn mower cutting blade is essential. If temperatures become very hot your lawn will become stressed and it may be necessary to cut back on the frequency of mowing.

Autumn Season: As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to fall the rate at which the grass grows will slow, meaning that the lawn will need mowing less frequently. It is also a good idea to raise the height of cut of the lawn mower as winter approaches. As always maintain your mower in good condition and keep the blades sharp. Also in Autumn remember to carry out an application of Autumn "weed and feed" fertilizer.

Winter Season: Only mow the lawn if necessary; this will depend upon weather conditions and temperatures at the time. Do not use your lawn mower if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is very wet.

This is also the time to get your lawn mower annually serviced.

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